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Technical Services & Maintenance

We take care of everything!

Portways’s Technical Support Service provides our boat owners with a comprehensive and professional service throughout the year. All yachts require constant and skilled attention to keep them in tip-top condition. Our job at PORTWAY is to make sure that every aspect of boat maintenance is carried out. PORTWAY also provides this service for private boats needing technical support in their owners’ absence.

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As the season approaches

Portway comprehensively services every aspect of the boat in readiness for a season of wonderful sailing.

  • Diesel engine & generator
  • Electrical equipments
  • Outboard motor
  • Toilets & holding tanks
  • Winches & windlass
  • Deck hardware & running rigging
  • Sails & covers
  • Antifouling
  • Hull, deck and teak deck cleaning and polishing
  • Polyester & Gel coat repairs
  • Safety equipment
  • Bow thruster

As the season approaches
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Throughout the year

We ensure that the boat will be kept the whole year in good condition, ready for charter/ private use.

  • Regularly running and checking the engine and generator
  • Bilge maintenance
  • Maintaining batteries and charging when necessary
  • Inspection for water leaks
  • Maintaining yacht’s lines, mooring lines & fenders
  • Inspection and maintenance of navigation controls
  • Cleaning and scrubbing deck, hatches, chrome etc
  • Checking and filling water tanks, gas bottles etc
  • Maintenance and service for dinghy and outboard engine

Throughout the year
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At the end of the summer

PORTWAY carries out a schedule agreed with the yacht owner to ensure that the boat and equipment is safe and secure throughout the winter months.

  • Examination, repair and cleaning of all upholstery
  • Removal and dry-storage of all soft furnishings
  • Rigging and mast check
  • Sails and ropes checked, cleaned, repaired and placed in dry storage
  • Detailed examination of all equipment, pumps and plumbing
  • Wintering system for engine and generator

At the end of the summer
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